Projects past and present.

Live Edge Bookshelf

Mud-Kitchen ready for delivery

Maple Burl on antiqued pipes

Triple Waterfall buffet with hidden drawers.

Set of live edge bath boards

Star Wars Themed Shelves

Cupcake Stand for Wedding

Check-out counter for my wife's go-to salon

Black Walnut and blue "Marble" top ready to ship

one of two remaining tree species from the Jurassic Era

Hand carved burl bowls

Translucent blue rivers

custom cutting board to put a pop of color on this monochromatic table

wooden trapezoid legs with matching angular drawers

waterfalls!!! (chasing not recommended)

Custom old school bedside table with double waterfalled hackberry

Twisted Ash floating shelf with 4 drawers

all wood joinery for this bed...

custom longboard for his birthday

custom bench

Waterfall faced desk

Coffee table

its time for clocks!

Bar Stool Tops

Maple Platform bed with storage and River Headboard

English Walnut Coaster Set

Oak Cottage Table

the Modern Computer Desk with green resin

TV stand with fold down storage

Spalted Maple Dining Table with black River

box elder globe coffee table

Walnut river desk

Flower power serving tray

Cherry and Blue

custom wine table

Dining delivered

the Genesis table

Mid Mod live edge clock

Burly Black Walnut Clock

"Message in a Bottle" -Ocean Table

Mid Mod Black Walnut table

New Life

Animal Trains!

Custom 8' desk for a recording studio

Box Elder Book Shelf

Treadle Mini Bar

Bookshelf for a new baby boy

I love burled edges!

Treadle Wine Rack!

Home safe and sound. thanks Linda!